The Wonderful World of Luxury Candles

I have a weakness. OK., OK., I have quite a few weaknesses. One (perceived) weakness is a sliiiiight online shopping addiction, and the other is an obsession with gorgeous, scented candles in pretty jars.

Lighting a brand new candle gives me a thrill every time. I make a wish with every virgin candle lit. Each crisp candle is a ritual, a fresh start, a treat to look forward to. A small glimmer of happiness in an otherwise challenging world. A light on my altar that flickers magically and makes me smile.

In short, I bloody love luxury candles, and if the vessel they come in is gorgeous, I will repurpose it as pen and paintbrush holders, toothbrush holders, tea light holders…anything really, and it all makes me very happy.

The candles have to smell really good. Pure and uplifting, not overpowering or chemically. I favour the vanilla, coffee, cinnamon and caramel scents but that’s probably because I’m a bit of a piggy and love a baked good. I can do a light floral scent. But don’t be giving me lemongrass or anything that smells like lavender toilet cleaners.

I figure, if I’m going to love candles so much, I should really exploooore all the delightful varieties of ‘luxury soy candles’ out there… and there are so many. However, I’ve chosen to stick to Australian made (for now).

A luxury soy candle in a gorgeous vessel will set you back anywhere between $40 – $80 and burn for about 50 hours. In my case, because I burn them for a goodly amount of time every day, each one lasts about 5 days. (10 hours a day), It’s an expensive habit, but it’s better than crack cocaine, no?

Here’s a synopsis of Australian Luxury Candles I have tried.

Mrs Darcy Lifestyle


  • Candle Emerald – Oakmoss, Sandalwood + Vanilla
  • Candle Rose Quartz – Peonies + Fresh Roses

These candles come in GORGEOUS vessels, cut glass that throw the light beautifully, but all 3 I have burned have been…faulty. And I’ve followed their burning instructions to a tee! But the wax sort of pools in a liquid cavern in the middle of the candle and the outsides remain resolutely hard. Disappointing. Nice floral fragrance tho. And I’m reusing the gorgeous glass vessels as tea light holders, so all is no lost. Give them a ‘go’ you might have better luck than me?

I’ve found Mr Darcy Lifestyle candles ‘tunnel’ even though I burn them for the recommended times. The vessels are gorgeous, though.

Glasshouse Fragrances


  • Magic Spell – Pumpkin Pie
  • Spellbound – Enchanted Embers

These were both limited edition Halloween candles and the vessels they came in were all magical and witchy looking, which is half the reason I bought them

They were gorgeous; the smell, the burn time, the vessels. Quality effort.

Glasshouse Pumpkin Pie candle. Very gorgeous vessel and spiced fragrance. Pricey at $49.95 but a good long burn time.

Club Candle

$25 a month

These guys do a monthly subscription of candles, and I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to get a surprise package of candles every month. The vessels and fragrances are all different for each month, and remain a surprise until you receive them (I love that). It’s creative and clever concept. But…but…the fragrances are strong and chemically and remind me of toilet cleaners. I wish they didn’t because its such a fabulous idea and I love everything about it. But my lungs cannot handle these candles, so I’ve had to cancel my subscription ☹ I really love their vessels, though and have them dotted around my house. I would highly recommend trying and see what you think?

Mrs Maguire’s Candles


  • Butter Salted Caramel in Large Carousel Jar

Local West Australian brand and really lovely candles. Good burn time and nice fragrance.



  • Vanilla and Spice soy candle

Very strong fragrance and short burn times…not very ‘luxury’ but still quite pricey. Go figure…However, I did buy their rose gold lighter and wick trimmer pack and it is fabulous. I go around trimming wicks after each use like a profesh, and it gives me life.

The Collective Palm Beach


2020 12 mini candle Advent Calendar



Eh. Boring vessels and prissy scents.

Candle Library


  • Candle Library Burnt Caramel
  • Candle Library Coffee

These are nice candles. Long burn time and they come in stylish ceramic containers. I would definitely order again, but I do prefer a translucent candle vessel where it throws the light prettily, and these are opaque. Good strong smell without being chemically or overpowering.


But I want more, more, more, MORE!! Thanks to this handy article by Chris Carrol, I have a lengthy list of new candles to try so I can fuel may habit! I’m allowing myself a new candle every month, and I will let you know how it goes. Here’s my list of luxury candles to try, and I am PUMPED.

Luxury Candles List

Lemon Canary

Struggling to work out why this shallow, palm sized candle cost $50 😳

Celia Loves

This was a nice candle but the scent was non existent 😬

Coco Lux


Inoko small gift set $85. Honestly- far too pricey. A timber holder and two travel sized candles. The scents were overpowering. I remain underwhelmed.

Maison Blanche

I like the Maison Blanche aesthetic. It’s clean and bold, each candle having its own number. This is a big candle for $58 and the paperwhite and clementine smell is lovely. Light and floral. The free box of matches is a stroke of genius and appeals to my Gen X soul. Remember when we used to collect mini boxes of matches from bars and pubs, back in the day? 👌


I purchased 4 candles from Maison Balzac and they all smell glorious. The 1642 candle is my fave smell. This candle is the Hilma af Klint one, inspired by the artist herself. It smells like a quiet church, all incense and stillness. These are gorgeous, slow burning soft scented candles that I would definitely buy more of. I love the vessels too. This one was $60.

Soy on the Hill

How clever are these personalised post code tins from Soy on the Hill? That’s my secret Santa Christmas presents sorted!

Southern Wild Co

Beautifully packaged and presented but can’t justify the expense of $65 plus shipping

SOH Melbourne

I was recommended to buy the SOH Fig Tree scent. I like this candle, it smells classy and expensive. It is pricey at $70 and I lashed out and purchased the candle cloche as well. They both look very well on my altar and my house smells like a fancy hotel so me no complain.


This candle came beautifully packaged with stickers, perfume sample, ribbon and a sturdy box, but for $70 it’s still just a candle in a black container 😬. The Balinese ylang ylang fragrance is sweet and soft. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t buy again as I didn’t feel like it was value for money.


These are classy candles. Clean burn and a nice scent. The vessels are a bit boring for me 😬 but I have been described as ‘extra’ on more than one occasion, so if you like understated and minimal you will probs like them. 10/10 would buy again.

Clare Makes

Clare Makes Isabel salt and wild roses scent. Nice soft perfume. Good long burn time and a pretty silver inside. $40. Very nice.

Sol Factory

I have learned many things on my luxury candle odyssey, and one of them is you are not meant to burn a candle for more than 4 hours straight. Which is annoying because I like a candle going all day. This sol factorie candle is an XXL and I thought that’s great because I can burn it until the cows come home. But I can’t because the wicks curl under and start smelling ‘burnt’ after a few hours. Me no like and it’s not the candles fault- it’s just physics or some such

Byron Bay Candles

Www.Byron bay

The scent I chose was a little too floral and sweet, but this worked well in the bathroom.

Candles By Barwick

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a fancy candle shop just walking down the road in my nearest town! I chose this classy vessel to house the amber & Smokey balsamic candle. Did I mention I was extra? This is plenny extra. 👌I think it looks like the goblet of fire 🔥

Lenzo & Merchant

Ultraviolet from Lenzo & Merchants Luminescent range. Holographic and magical looking with a lovely scent and generally gorgeous. Yes please. $40.00


Doctor Beak's Herbal Tonic

Wyspworks Doctor Beak candle is very cool, with the added bonus of making the house smell clean and fresh. $25 and beautifully presented

For something a little witchy and magickal:

Boho Wicks

I purchased a ‘spirit candle’ ($70) which comes with a mini psychic reading. The candle smells amazing – like cinnamon cookies and includes crystals in the wax. It’s a witchy treat and worth a ‘go’ if you’re into that kinda thing.

It’s been a journey ⭐️

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  1. Hi LC – thanks so much for including Clare Makes in your list of candles to try! If you’d like a recommendation, there’s a quiz on the website to help you choose – or just shoot me a message ❤

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